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The exercises


Picture your feeling

Name of exercise

Picture your feeling

Picture set category

☐ 1. Flat-pictures
☐ 2. POV-pictures
☒ 3. Postcards
☐ 4. Press-pictures

Exercise category

☐ 1. Icebreaker
☐ 2. Energizer
☐ 3. Trust building
☐ 4. Contact making/collaborating
☐ 5. Triggering creativity
☐ 6. Personal development
☐ 7. Triggering memories
☒ 8. Evaluation


☐ 1. Teambuilding
☐ 2. Triggering creativity
☐ 3. Triggering awareness
☐ 4. Finding common ground
☒ 5. Closing


– To get participants into evaluation mood
– To evaluate participants’ personal development level


☐ < 10 min. ☒ 10-20 min. ☐ 20-30 min. ☐ 30-40 min.
☐ 40-50 min. ☐ 50-60 min. ☐ 60-90 min. ☐ > 90 min.


Klik of tik om tekst in te voeren.

Material needed

The set of Postcards (you can also use other sets of pictures)


Put all postcard pictures on a table (or on the floor if no table is available)

Step by step description

Invite participants to take a look at the pictures and pick the one that best describes their feeling about the workshop.

Invite everyone to sit in a circle and ask them to explain why they chose this picture in relation to their feeling about the workshop and its results.

You can follow-up this dialogue by asking the following questions:

– What will you do to continue building mutual understanding between the different backgrounds or communities?
– How can you become an ambassador for mutual dialogue, and what challenges do you think you will face along the way?

Closing up

– Thank participants for their presence and openness in the workshop.

Tips for the facilitator

– It’s also possible to use one of the other photo-sets (Flat, POV, Press)
– Try to not direct this evaluation to much by, for example, asking questions. Just let the participants speak.
– Note the most important things the participants say.
– Consider inviting participants to write some things down before they speak up.